Convention 2019

Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) presented its convention on “Leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution: KM Systems to meet Africa’s Sustainable Development Goal”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will revolutionise the manner in which knowledge management systems are conducted, perceived, new approaches, as well as the skills required to remain relevant as technology changes the way people work, make decisions and affect organisations operating models. The convention aimed to engage on making Knowledge Management relevant in setting of digitally transformed organisations. 

The 2019 Convention aimed to share knowledge, ideas and research amongst role-players in the Knowledge Management environment and equip our community to successfully implement and maintain Knowledge Management within the context of the 4IR. Additionally, it provides an excellent networking opportunity. 

The following sub-themes were addressed during the convention:

  • KM Future Applications/Systems and Tools (for 4th Industrial Revolution)
  • Develop a KM Roadmap /Strategic Planning for KM.
  • ISO 30401 KM standards and the impact on KM Strategies and organisations.
  • Strategies for Measuring KM.
  • Call to Action: Defining a Business Value Proposition/Creating a Value Path for Your KM Approach.
    An Executive Leader's Role in KM.
  • Change Management and KM (Techniques for communicating KM).
  • Breaking down the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing – Risk based approach.
  • Evolve & Sustain Your KM Programme.
  • Adopting a digital mind-set.
  • Information Security and Knowledge Protection.