a.     Corporate Membership

     The voting membership of the society consists of organisations and companies who employ knowledge management practitioners. Each corporate member is represented by one voting employee. Any number of its knowledge management practitioner employees and interns, using the company internet email domain, may participate in the society, while the corporate member is in good standing. [online form]

b.      Personal Membership 

      Personal membership of the society is non-voting, at no charge and access to the society is limited to virtual services only. Employees of corporate members who are not in good standing can continue participation in the society as personal members. [online form]

c.      Individual Practitioner Membership 

      Individual Practitioners can join as Practitioner Members at an appropriate annual fee, enjoying similar privileges to Corporate Member employees, but cannot vote.[online form]

d.     Honorary Membership 

      The board may award honorary membership to individuals who have served the knowledge management discipline or the society with distinction. Honorary membership is non-voting and entitles the member to full participation in the society at no charge. 

e.      Affiliate Membership

      Affiliate members are companies who are consultants or vendors providing goods and services to the Corporate Membership. Each affiliate company is represented by one employee. Other employees of the member may participate in the activities of the society. Affiliate membership is non-voting and their representatives and employees may not serve on the board of the society. [online form]

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